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Information about Art for future

  • The idea with this homepage is not to sell art from a homepage.

  • The homepage is merely a tool for the art lovers and creative artists to meet.

  • We use this homepage as an art gallery, where we can show the works of different artists, and also tell about the artists, and exhibitions.

  • This way we are also able to sell the art at a lower price, because we don't have to pay for expensive exhibition rooms, heating, electricity and employees.

  • Sometimes the art is sold very fast, so if you only can see the art at an exhibition, you have to make visits to the exhibition almost every day, if there is some special art you want to buy. With the homepage presentation you can visit Art-for-future.com every hour. It is also more convenient if the exhibition is in Los Angeles, and you are living in New York, Sydney or London.


Why buy art?

First of all – good art gives quality to your life. Sometimes it is used as decoration in the home to add certain expressions to the rooms. Also it enriches your life with feelings and emotions. Some art makes you happy, some art makes you think about your values in life. Good art is always giving something to you.
Secondly – without buyers for art, the art will be less rich, and the artists will not be able to produce as much art.
For many centuries rich or wealthy people have supported artists by buying their art (Maecenas).

Art is also an investment. The best rule if you want to invest in art, is to buy quality art which appeal to you. It is usually a long term investment, but oil-paintings is much nicer to look at than shares! You will never risk that the price of your art suddenly is zero, because art investment is not depending on a company’s ability to earn money. Art depends on the skill of the artist, and this is something you know already when you buy the art.
Generally the value of art will rise at least with the inflation, but also because of age. Old pictures are normally more expensive than pictures newly painted. Also when a good artist stop painting (for instance because of old age), then the price will rise because then the supply is limited -in the same way as oil-prices rise when there is too little oil compared to the demand.

What I'm doing?

Art-for-future.com is working in the artist environment in many countries of the world, constantly trying to find new and promising artists. This way we can offer art from good artists before it gets too expensive.

Sometimes we buy pictures for resale later. But we also have contracts with good artists, so we are doing the sale and the artist receive his payment.

To make the contact to art-lovers, we make telemarketing to persons who are perhaps interested in investing in some art. We also send e-mails to keep our customers updated on what is new.
When you start investing in art, we can offer a customised invest-strategy.

We can offer to send art within an agreed budget every 1 to 6 month. This way you can make your savings for the pension without thinking about it.
We can also offer to keep your investment(the pictures) for you, if you for practical reasons want this.

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